Mornin’ guys! Today, our topic is the Pomodoro time management technique. Lets get into this…

Let’s get productiv…ier?

What is this “Pomodoro” thing?

The Pomodoro technique is a time management organization which is based on the idea that your mental agility is able to work at its 100% for a long period of time if you take little breaks in between.

Why “Pomodoro”? Isn’t that a tomato?

This technique was inventend by a student in the late 80’s, and was named like this because he used a tomato styled timer to time his work.

Does it work?

It does. Taking my personal experience into account, I would totally recommend you to implement this into your daily tasks. There’s not much magic in it, it isn’t some strange casting spell or shitty pill, if you think about it, it totally makes sense. Not only it makes your chores less stressful, but it makes you get a better result on what you are doing.

How can I implement this technique?

It is pretty simple in fact, nowadays there are a bunch of apps for your mobile phone that do the timing for you. Suppose you have to work on an essay. Instead of writing one hour straight and filling the last paragraph with junk because you are running out of juice, you take a 5 minutes break within 20 minutes of writing. This ways, you come back fresh and ready to keep on working.

The free Pomodoro app I use: Pomodoro Timer