Do you care enough about your health?

This quick home tests will answer for you.

Hey guys! Today I bring you 5 of the most accurate tests you can do at home to track your health in less than 5 minutes. No excuses here. Well, let’s get started!


1. Asma test:

Well guys, we start with the easiest one. For this one you have to stop by and ask yourself, are you easily out of breath when you exercise? If you don’t, you can cross asma out of your concerns, although if you do, I highly recommend going to the doctor.

2. Follow the rythm:

Cardiac arrhythmia is actually really common, and most people dont realize until they notice a disfunction in their bodies. To be sure your heart is beating like the… beatles? do this along with me. Take your index finger and put it in one of your neck vains, where you can feel the beating. Then, for a straight minute, try to follow the rythm with your foot. If you can, congratulations, you can now join Twenty One Pilots. Then if you can’t, a visit to the doctor would be the best thing to do.

3. Basic Stretching

We have all stretched once in our lives, haven’t you? Well dont worry, this is not stretching like in high school, just make sure you can achieve some basic postures to make sure your muscles flexibility is still a thing.

First, sit on the floor with your legs extended on front of you. Close your legs and try to touch the tip of your fingers for 5 seconds. After that, release slowly and try to get up only using your legs.

4. Are you depressed?

Depression and stress can get in your life if you just live by and don’t even think about them. In this test, I want you to think how many times you got really sad or stressed up in the last month to the point where you couldn’t keep doing what you had to. If the number is higher than 5 times, I recommend you taking up something to relax such as meditation or simply stretching as a habit, so you can relief all the stress you have gone through, given the fact that stress and sadness make you 47% more likely to get sick.

5. Your urine colour speaks a lot

The title says it everything. By looking at the colour of your urine you can tell what are you doing with your body.

Transparent: You drink too much water, try to cut a little bit.

Yellow: You are drinking the right amount of water and eating healthy

Dark Yellow: Maybe you should try to drink more water.

Brown, Orange: Watch your liver and your nutrition

If there is foam: You are eating too much protein, watch out your kidneys.