It is a beautiful Wednesday morning, and we have a really interesting topic today. In this article I will list a summary of things from a book I’ve been studying for the last months about motivation and reaching your goals. I hope you guys like it and reach whatever you are looking forward to! Lets get started…


There’s no “key” to success

Do not believe any of that bullshit…

Nowadays, the global merchandising giants are all over the media making sure you believe some jibber jabber that makes you buy their products. From “Incredible pills” to even the cereal you have every morning, behind every single one of those products, the big enterprises are hidden. Did you know the “scientific studies” that proved about how having breakfast made you more productive were led mostly by Keloggs? To sum up, the world where we live is full of baits and scams chasing for your money. To fight them back, knowledge and good sources are our best friends.

1. Be honest with you

Starting off, this is fundamental in any journey you want to go through in your life. You MUST realize that the greatest things do not happen overnight. If you are aiming for something big, know that it will probably be time-demanding, and you will have to put some effort on, but I promise, if it is really what you want, it is going to be worth it.

2. Take some time to plan it

Planning is already a big step. Start constructing a goal, a point where you want to be some when. Then, imagine how would the road be, what things would you have to do in order to achieve your goal. Think about how can you modify your reality so it works with your future.

3. Break the goal into little ones, each one a bit further

The problem about aiming for your finish line is that you will get unmotivated after some weeks of work. You wont see yourself where you wanted to be so you’ll think all the work you’ve done was for nothing. Breaking your goal into little ones you can complete week by week, month by month, will make you see the progress you are doing, step by step, and you will be able to look back and think about all you have gone through.

4. Motivation & Discipline

When you lack of one of these, you will have to depend on the other one to keep on going. Some days motivation wont knock your door, and those are the decisive moments where you MUST ask yourself: Why did I started this journey? Discipline is the fundamental characteristic about building habits.

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5. Aim for habits and stack them

To finish this brief guide about my best advice to someone starting a journey, whether it is a fitness goal or a creative project, the best change I did in my life, was aiming for habits. When you aspire a goal for which you have to change your entire lifestyle, if you do it all at once, you will probably get sick of it and get back to your old life a week later. Habits, although, make that change totally easier. The average time before we take a habit is 26 days. That means Discipline will be your best friend for the first month, and then you will find that task natural. For example, if you weren’t used to brush your teeth each night, you would have to force yourself and remember to do it for an entire month in order to do it automatically.