Hey guys, good morning to everyone out there. Today I’m a bit emotional so I want to talk about something that has been on my head for a while.

Being Mindful

Were you ever in a situation where you are doing something you do everyday, just like driving to work or having lunch, and realized most of the time you were thinking in something else? It happened to me last week, and that’s the reason of my epifany.

I worried. I worried because I realized I wasn’t there, my body was performing the action but my mind was somewhere else. So basically, I started forcing myself to think when I do my daily tasks, to make sure time doesn’t “goes by” just like that, because if not, we are just repeating an everyday routine waiting to be able to live and travel later, not knowing that time will never come if we don’t call it.

Being mindful of what you are doing improves your life because it makes you appreciate every day without wasting them overthinking. I hope you all give it a thought and implement it in your lives.

Have a great day guys!