Beautiful Sunday morning out here. I’m feeling great today, but maybe you guys aren’t. Did you drink too much last night and have a hangover? Or maybe you are simply sick and feeling horribly. In both cases, listen closely and pay attention!


15 things that helps killing a headache

  1. Drink water: Your body needs it.
  2. Eat watermelon: It has plenty of water!
  3. Apply ice to your temples: Your temples are in charge of your stability and balance, and they do get stressed
  4. Drink a cup of coffee: caffeine helps rising your blood flow
  5. Put a wet tissue on your forehead: It will decrease your body temperature
  6. Take a cold shower: Besides from decreasing your body temperature, it also boost your inmune system
  7. Go for a walk: Fresh air is a good escape
  8. Stretch your neck and back: These are stress refuge in our body
  9. Massage peppermint oil onto your temples: Peppermint has some vitalizing benefits that will help
  10. Eat something spicy: It will activate multiple receptors requiring your head to focus on them
  11. Drink ginger tea: Ginger boost blood flow
  12. Take a nap in a quiet envinronment: Lack of sleep is the main cause of today’s headaches
  13. Eat chocolate: Your body produce dopamine (The pleasure neurotransmitter)
  14. Hug someone: More dopamine (It’s scientifically proved!)
  15. Smell some strong odor: It will stimulate your brain

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