Goooooood tuesday morning my friends! Today’s post is loaded with tech because from now on this will be Tech-Tuesday’s! I hope you like the post, I left a little bonus at the end!


Instagram snap feature + a Hipster manger

As you can see in the title, instagram updated the app with a new feature which for we already had an app. The competition between this two big enterprises has no end, taking into account the features Facebook added to their apps WhatsApp and Instagram.

This new feature consist on sending photos or videos that dissapear after opening them. At first Instagram stories were just photos, but now you can upload from a photo to a boomerang (Instagram Gifs), a video and even stream a live video.

Time for the Bonus

So guys, I am one of those that hate’s when people start celebrating a holiday too early, I think the hype goes away by doing that, BUT… oh yeah, I have a but. I saw this a few days ago and loved it! It is a really creative and funny way to be still cristian and say “Oh yeah, I have a manger” AND avoid making your house look like a church.


That’s all for today guys! Hope you like the post, love you!