Don’t worry, today’s Science Friday is not going to make you worried. But probably you wont be able to describe what the heck is going on here. Hope you enjoy!

Latest Science News 25/11

1. A 5500 years old city was found in Egipt (oldest one at the moment)

2. An anti-terrorism group created “explosive detector” …SPINACHES

Yup, spinaches. The main function is detecting bombs and explosives and sending an alert to any dispositive. It will be a good threat to terrorist that doesn’t like their vegetables.


3. This is what NASA astronauts will eat

NASA is designing ORION eating plan for their astronauts. It consists in making a whole meal into a nutrition bar to save space, energy and water out there. There are rumours that flavour is not bad, and you can actually feal the dish you are eating in your mouth. In my opinion, kind of a Willy Wonka ripoff huh?

4. Designing a toilet in space have a prize!

NASA opened their doors to young minds to receive a flush design for astrounauts. The best one of it will have a prize, being granted with a visit to the main NASA base. What are you waiting for?

5. A new form of hard disk has a date of caducity of 18.300 years

The main problem with hard disks was their caducity date. Scientists discovered a new form of data that can live up to 18k+ years! Isn’t that great?

6. Multiple bicephal sharks have been found! (and not in sharknado)