Gooooood morning guys! Here we are another tech Tuesday and today I bring you some cool gadgets and news about the latest technologies. Hope you enjoy!

Coffee, Planes and Overwatch

Sounds like a bad combo huh? Well let’s see…

1. A french player reaches maximum level in Overwatch

The thing with this is that there wasn’t supposed to be a “max level”. Overwatch creators designed 1800+ levels expecting that the one who get’s there will at leat last a long time. This Sunday a French player surpassed this level after six months of non-stop playing, so I guess the creators will have to patch soon! (I am an Overwatch player and I love the game, if you guys play leave your battle net id in the comments and we can play together sometime!)

2. The japanese Sukhoi SU-27 military jet is the fastest and lower flying plane around the globe

Getting down lower than 20 meters from the ground the Sukhoi is almost able to run over a person. This japanese jet was made in 1980 and has been one of the best military planes since then. A lot of industrial upgrades have been made until they ended with this model.

3. Spinn, a coffee maker you can control with your iPhone

We can happily jump, laugh and hug now. Yes, i’m talking about us, coffee lovers, because someone thought like us and wanted to make their coffee from their bed. Spinn connects with your phone and let’s you order your coffee to the machine from their app. The machine makes the coffee from fresh coffee beans and filtered water, and alerts you when it’s ready and when there’s no more water or coffee. Shut up and take my money!

4. Instagram will alert people about screenshots

Are you sure this isn’t Snapchat? Yeah, I’m pretty sure. Instagram will add another feature this days, and will alert people if you take a screenshot of their public photos. Their objective here is to decrease the instagram content that flows outside the social network, stealing their traffic. So you know, no more cute kitty screenshots!