Almost weekend guys! Today instead of food thursday’s I bring you something related to food in some ways, that is better for your life. Tired of pimples or a dry skin?


10 tips for a healthy skin

1. Avoid smoking and alcohol

This two enemies causes wrinkles by narrowing the blood vesels in the outlayer of your skin and damages your collagen and elastin.

2. Drink water

Your skin is made out of cells, that are made out of a water structure like every other one. So if you constantly have a lack of water the skin cells will adapt to survive with less water and that’s why your skin dries or have wrinkles.

3. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

A bad skin can be related with a bad nutrition, and fruits have a bunch of different Vitamins your body needs.

4. Beauty sleep’s

Your skin needs some rest as well as you. Sleeping releases the hormone that purifies and recover your skin, so you know what we have to do…

5. Get outside

As said with water, you need fresh air and pure oxygen to keep your skin cells at its best. so, grab your coat and go for a little walk!

6. Wash your face every morning with a scrub

A non-invasive one to fresh your face and remove all the dust and bacterias that covers our faces leadering to pimples and wrinkles.

7. Exfoliate and use and astringent every now and then

Exfoliating removes your dead skin cells and brings out the new ones, making you look fresh like a baby. The astringent is for post exfoliating, so that you close again your pores.

8. End your showers with cold water

Cold water closes your pores so you can avoid getting dirt and dust in them, which is the main cause for pimples.

9. Use a moisturizing pomade daily

It is scientifically proved that 78% of people doesn’t have a proper moisturizing. Every person despite their type of skin or nutrition should use an extra moisturizing to keep their faces healthy.

10. Reduce stress in your life

Stress leads to a bad blood flow, that again, leads to wrinkles and pimples all over your body. If you are stressed not only it will show in your attitude but also in your body.